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Starting Your Own Comedy Podcast

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Christopher Michel [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A great way to gain visibility as a new or up and coming comedian is with your very own comedy podcast. If you take a look at the podcasts in the iTunes store, then you will notice that this is a very popular trend.

People enjoy listening to podcasts while driving or commuting to work, doing housework or working out. Sometimes, I even listen to new podcasts while doing mindless work during the day.

Anyone can start their own comedy podcast as the equipment needed in minimal and anyone can upload their audio podcast files to iTunes or another hosting place.

To get started, you first need to get yourself some good gear. This will be a microphone to record the podcast and a computer to edit the audio files. You can get some great gear recommendations on this site to get your home podcast studio up and running.

As for audio file editing software, you can use the free Audacity software as it is easy to use and is perfect for the job. Of course, you can buy other programs but there is really no need.

Now, you will need a quiet place to record the podcast so that you don’t get any reverb or other weird background noises. The cheap way to do this can also be found on the same audio tips site, which is using a blanket over your head in a closet. Sounds silly, but really does result in quality sound on your podcast recording.

Probably the only thing worse than not being funny on your comedy podcast is having terrible sound quality that no one wants to listen to the entire thing.

Once you are ready to record your podcast, just set up a website for yourself (if you don’t already have one) to market it. And make a schedule of how often you will post new episodes. Choose something that you WILL stick to so that people will know when they can find the next installment of it.

Over time, you will build up an audience, which will help you sell tickets at your live shows as well as comedy albums that you can sell on your own website.

And if you haven’t listened to any comedy podcasts before today, Paste Magazine did a list in Dec. 2013 of the best ones out there. Find it here. Give a few of them a listen and see if you can identify what they all have in common that makes them popular, then focus on that for your podcast. Good luck!