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Redneck Comedy At It’s Best

It goes without saying that some of the best comedians out there today are more of your general, run of the mill type of performers. You know, the ones who are just your average every day guy or gal. But what is so great about comedy is that there are also these little pockets of comedy that are really niche comedy. You have the comedians who focus on doing political routines, like Lewis Black and Bill Maher. Then you have people who focus on everyday observations like Daniel Tosh and Demetri Martin. You can even find ethnic routines, like those by George Lopez. And another popular niche is redneck comedy.

Personally, I am not really big into this particular type of comedy, even though I originally grew up in the South. Despite growing up in the South, I did not live the kind of life that was spent looking for the best place to catch some catfish or reading over three season sleeping bag reviews for an upcoming camping and hunting trip. And I didn’t do things like go mudding for fun. But, a lot of people identify with this kind of lifestyle, which is why redneck comedy is successful. And that is why the Blue Collar Comedy tour did so well.

Top Redneck Comedian Performers

Probably the most well known and successful of all the comedians in this niche is Jeff Foxworthy. The big routine that made him a household name was the “You Might Be A Redneck” bit. I admit that I even laughed at these jokes as they perfectly described some people that I know from growing up in the South. He has gone on to start in sitcoms and hot game shows. He also still tours and puts out comedy albums.

Another popular performer in this genre of comedy is Bill Engvall. He got really big back in the 1990’s with his “Here’s Your Sign” bit about people saying things that were a bit obvious. And you have to admit, it was a funny bit that he did. Like Foxworthy, Engvall also did some sitcoms and reality TV programs, in addition to comedy albums and tours.

Larry The Cable Guy is probably the most stereotypical looking redneck of the bunch. He does his shows and such wearing camo gear for his regular clothes. I know so many rednecks who do this all year long! The majorly famous bit that he does is his signature Git-R-Done! line. And yes, I know people who have talked like this for their entire lives – it’s not just a stereotype.

Ron White is probably my favorite of the bunch of these guys. As soon as I saw his comedy special “They Call Me Tater Salad.” He is wildy hystericaly and a little bit more of a trouble maker than the rest of these guys. Definitely a funny guy.  He has also done sitcoms on TV in addition to do regular comedy show tours and releasing albums and specials for fans to check out.