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Best Stand Up Specials Of All Time

The comedy industry has grown immensely since it started with comedians such as Pete Holmes, Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer amongst others gracing the audience’ presence. This has led to the emergence of various sitcoms, comedy TV shows and stand-up comedy shows. Over the years, the industry has seen its fair share of hilarious comedians. Below are some of the best stand-up specials of the all time.

Far From Finished

This is a stand-up comedy show by the famous Bill Cosby. The show had its debut in the year 2013. This is his first special in 30 years. His audiences are assured of two hours of laughter and fun. Bill uses an old fashioned theme to execute his jokes. He takes his time in developing the joke thus a perfect delivery. Seeing him on stage reminds his audience of the sitcom The Bill Cosby show and the good old times. His audience both young and old can relate to his jokes making his show a perfect family show.

We Are Miracles.

We Are Miracles is a comedy show presented by one Sarah Silverman. The show had its debut in the year 2013 showing a different side of the comedian. This show portrayed a more mature version of Sarah Silverman. This comedy show specializes mainly in religion and feminism. A side from this, her most famous characteristic, her vulgar language in the jokes makes her a necessary part of the comedy industry. Her jokes make great entertainment for adults to enjoy.

Let Me Explain

Kevin Hart’s comedy show ‘Let me explain’ had its debut in July 2013. His show was released into theaters during the same month. It was ranked the fourth highest earning comedy film of all time making up to 32 million dollars in the box office. The show was recorded at the well-known Madison Square Garden in front of thirty thousand people. The assurance that the comedy is worth watching is well proved by the amount the comedy made in the box office. This proofs that Kevin Hart truly is one of the best all time comedians. The energy he in which he performs his shows makes them very interesting.


The comedy show christened ‘What’ had its debut in 2013. Bo Burnham was the comedian behind this very entertaining show. Bo Burnham is a one man comedian who puts his heart and soul into his performance and jokes. Having said this, he never disappoints his audience. This is well illustrated in his show. In his show ‘What’, he uses pre-taped pieces, poems, dancing as well as music to deliver his jokes effectively.

Here and Now

Ellen DeGeneres out did herself in this show. The show is both entertaining and edgy. The show had hits of well over one million views in YouTube. Ellen has been a force to reckon with in the comedy industry. She has set the pace for women comedians as well as male comedians. Here and now is a show lasting approximately fifty three minutes giving the audience maximum entertainment.

Bring The Pain

This was a comedy show presented by Chris Rock. It had its debut in the year 1996. Chris Rock is a three time Emmy Award winner in different fields including comedy. In this show, Chris Rock does not disappoint his audience. His stage presence cannot be ignored. It enhances the performance of his jokes. His presentation is quite entertaining making his show one of the best comedies.

Comedy is a nice way to relax, enjoy your time and entertain yourself. If one is looking for the perfect place to do so, Comedy Central is one of the the best places and its comedy specials form some of the best and the funniest shows to watch.