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Best Comedy Central Roasts of All Time

Comedy Central roasts are often a great time for everyone. There are few professions that are going to be better at running a roast than a comedian, after all. Here are a few of the best roasts in Comedy Central history.

Hugh Heffner

One of the reasons why this was one of the best, is because The Hef falls neatly into the category of someone who’s good to roast for comedy. First, the person has to be a good sport about it. He has to look only slightly uncomfortable here and there, but mostly waving it all off and laughing about it. Secondly, he has to have plenty of things that are good topics for ridicule, and Hefner certainly has that in spades. One of the main roasters for Hugh Hefner was Drew Carey. Other roasters included Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried and the Roastmaster Jimmy Kimmel. This roast took place in 2001.

Bob Saget

Bob Saget’s roast took place in 2008. John Stamos was the Roastmaster. One of the main other roasters was Norm Macdonald. What’s particularly funny about this roast, and Norm MacDonald’s part in particular, is it’s subtlety. Norm MacDonald makes fun of Bob in a seriously roundabout way by simply telling terribly bad jokes from a book he had gotten from his father that was called “Jokes for Retirement Parties.” What’s hilarious is the slow way the audience comes to realize that what Norm Macdonald is actually doing is poking fun of the completely awful jokes Bob told on “American’s Funniest Home Videos” throughout the years.

Donald Trump

The roast of Donald Trump was in 2011. It included roasters including Snoop Dogg. Even though Snoop Dogg isn’t technically a comic, he is capable of being funny when he wants. The main thing is that he was able to sell some of the jokes, even if they were written by someone else. Watching Snoop Dogg deliver a comedic routine is practically worth the watch all by itself. Other comics included Marlee Matlin, and the roastmaster was Seth Macfarlane.


This roast happened in 2012. The roastmaster was Jane Lynch. Other roasters included Jeff Ross, Katey Segal, Carrie Fisher, Amy Schumer, Gilbert Gottfried and even Wayne Brady. Roseanne’s ex-husband Tom Arnold even showed up as a surprise guest right at the end. Even though she was the one being roasted, what made the roast so great was the fact that Roseanne decided to steal the show by singing the last lines to “Star Spangled Banner” at the end of the night. She actually sang the lines for real, instead of the sarcastic bad version she did on purpose famously back in 1990.

Charlie Sheen

One of the most watched roasts of all time was the roast of Charlie Sheen in 2011. The roastmaster was Seth MacFarlane, and it included appearances from roasters like William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, Amy Schumer and even bizarrely, Mike Tyson. The introduction was played by the famous musician Slash. Needless to say, it was a pretty unique show all in all and you’re not likely to watch Mike Tyson doing a comedy routine anywhere else anytime soon.